Yava Alumina – Meeting the rapidly growing demand for High Purity Alumina

HPA uses: smart phones, lithium ion batteries, LED’s, Apple watches, etc.

YTI’s novel approach has been proven to consistently produce very high purity (4N, or 99.99% and higher) HPA via a process that is more environmentally benign and with lower capital and operating costs than the older technologies used by existing producers.

Yava is proceeding with plans to engineer and construct a 5.4 ton per day (tpd) demonstration (Demo) plant on a site in Bécancour Canada.  Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), a federal agency that is focused on supporting the development of new technologies with significant economic and environmental impact for Canada, is providing approximately $10 million towards the cost of the Demo plant.  This is one of the largest grants SDTC has made in its 17 year history.  Yava’s engineers have been working on the project for more than a year and project that the plant should be in operation by early 2023.  Yava is currently producing trial volumes of HPA from its research and pilot facility in Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • HPA is the key ingredient to the modern world. Arrowhead Business and Investment Decision