HPA uses: smart phones, lithium ion batteries, LED’s, Apple watches, etc.

Yava created Yava Alumina, Inc (YAI) to commercialize its proprietary HPA production technologies. Yava’s novel approach has been proven to consistently produce very high purity (3N5+, or 99.95% and higher) HPA via a process that is more environmentally benign and with lower capital and operating costs than the older technologies used by existing producers.

Extensive pilot plant operation at Yava’s Research facility in Nova Scotia has confirmed the parameters of a ready-to commercialize process. Samples of HPA produced there have been extensively tested by independent laboratories and end-users. The quality of Yava’s HPA has been confirmed, not only in purity, but in particle size, distribution and porosity.

Engineering and capital-raising are under to construct an initial HPA production facility in Quebec. This plant will be expandable and will enjoy the benefit of sustainable, low-cost hydroelectricity and proximity to the growing concentration of battery companies in the region.

  • HPA is the key ingredient to the modern world. Arrowhead Business and Investment Decision