Yava’s HPA Opportunity

  • Demand for HPA is expected to grow faster than its supply
  • This will put upward pressure on HPA prices
  • Rising feedstock prices and environmental compliance costs will impact legacy producers
  • Economic and environmental factors indicate that increases in supply will come from new plants using new process technologies and lower cost feedstocks
  • Current HPA competition is concentrated in China, Japan and Korea, but is fragmented, with the largest of dozens of participant companies having only about a 17% share of the global market
  • While LED production is also concentrated in Asia, battery manufacturing will be geographically dispersed due to their high cost of shipping; with most new HPA capacity in Asia and Australia, Yava has a great opportunity to become a leading supplier to the North American market
  • The global HPA market will be constrained by supply and cost, yielding a very attractive opportunity for new entrants that can add lower cost supply. Yava’s ability to produce very high quality HPA will present exceptional opportunities to contribute to the rapidly expanding use of those materials in the lucrative Lithium Ion Battery and sapphire glass markets