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News from SDTC about Yava Alumina

Demonstration plant to produce high purity alumina using an environmentally-responsible process

With the support of SDTC, Yava Alumina Inc. (Yava) is constructing a demonstration plant as the next step in the commercialization of its process to produce high purity alumina (HPA) using less energy and at less expense. HPA is used to produce high strength glass that is used in the manufacture of smart phones, separators for lithium ion batteries, LED lighting, surgical instruments and more. Current methods of producing HPA are expensive, energy intensive, produce toxic waste and are difficult to scale up. Yava’s proprietary, environmentally-responsible process is efficient, scalable and expected to set a new standard for the production of HPA. Yava plans to build its HPA plants in Quebec and export its products to manufacturers in the US, Europe and Asia.