Yava has developed a proprietary process that has the following characteristics:

  • Low capital costs—relies on readily available, reliable standard industrial equipment rather than custom designed processing equipment
  • Regeneration of reagents yields a closed loop with minimal discharges—and no toxic waste
  • Flexibility to use a variety of low cost, widely available feedstocks
  • Very small carbon footprint (Yava Alumina’s demonstration plant in Quebec will consume low cost hydro-generated electricity)
  • Capability to produce very pure HPA (99.998%) with target of 5N+
  • Ability to produce HPA with physical characteristics (e.g., particle size and distribution, density, porosity) to meet the exacting specifications of end-users
  • HPA is a huge growth story… the eyes of the car companies turn from time to time and they’ve landed at the moment on HPA.–Toby Green, CRU International (global consultancy)

Purity Price Range (US$/kg) Notes
4N $25 – $40 varies based on metal impurities and other specs
5N $40 – $70 ~2X the 4N value
6N >$60 low volume, non-commodity sales