Yava HPA Commercial Projects

As North America’s premiere supplier of HPA, Yava Alumina will be capable of providing a full suite of sustainably produced HPA products to meet growing industry demand.

Based on the ongoing results of its pilot plant assessments, Yava’s engineers are finalizing the design of its initial production plant. In its first phase, this plant will have the capacity to produce 20 tons per day of 3N5+ HPA. With financing arrangements underway, Yava is targeting the first quarter of 2023 to begin construction of its first commercial plant.  The plant will be located in Quebec, with access to low-cost hydropower, multiple modes of transportation and proximity to a growing concentration of high-tech companies in the EV battery industry.

Following the start-up of Yava’s first commercial plant, the company will construct expansions in additional 20 tons per day units while extending its product range to include higher purity HPA products for a wide array of applications.