Yava HPA Project

Yava plans to construct a Demo plant with a production capacity of 5.4 tons per day on a site in Bécancour, Quebec.  This location (SPIPB) is a major industrial park that is also being expanded to house cleantech companies and offers Yava many significant advantages, including access to low-cost, low carbon-footprint hydro power.

Yava is in the process of completing an expanded first-round financing of US $6.6 million (CAD $8.6 million) to fund the engineering, site preparation and on-going pilot and test work.  A second-round financing of approximately US $3.5 million (CAD $4.5 million) will be used to fund a scaled-up pilot plant 1/10th the size of its demonstration (demo) plant. The sources of financing for the approximately US $96 million (CAD $124 million) demo plant is expected to include approximately US $7.7 million (CAD $10 million) from SDTC, an agency renowned for its expertise in evaluating the viability of new technologies from both a technical and business perspective. The Quebec Ministry for Economy and Innovation has also issued a letter of interest to Yava indicating that it is open to participating in financing Yava’s demo and commercial scale HPA plants.  Yava is in on-going discussions with interested lenders and equity investors regarding the balance of the financing required for its HPA demo plant.

Yava’s engineers and architect are working on the building and plant design. Yava expects to start construction of its HPA demo plant in the second quarter of 2021. After Yava’s demonstration plant is in production, the company plans to construct two 20 tons per day HPA plants, in sequence, on the Bécancour site to meet expected demand.  The two full scale plants would increase Yava’s total production capacity to 45.4 tons of high purity alumina per day.